You know what I find ignorant? When my ‘best friend’ knows that my dog of 7 years is dying of lung cancer but she continues to drone on and on and on about how upset she is over the baby turtle she’s had for less that a week who isn’t eating. Well my poor puppy passed away Wednesday night and I was unfortunately the one that came outside to say good night and found her lying completely still. And this morning she continues to go on and on about how devastated she is about her turtle that died after one week - I just snapped. I asked her if she was fucking joking and I asked her if she had any idea what I’ve gone through this last month and I yelled and I swore and I tore her apart until my voice was shaking and my eyes were sobbing. And then I remembered that we were sitting in a classroom and everyone had heard me dig into her. I’m not even sorry. I hate her.